Sauna Escapades

Год производства: 2018 г.
Имена актрис: Cayla & Lola Shine
Жанр: Russian Girl, Blondes, Close-Up, Czech, Degustation, Dildo, Fingering, Lesbians, Piss In Mouth, Pussy Wash, Shaved, Wet Hair, Wet Toy
Продолжительность: 00:24:01
Описание: Cayla Lyons and Lola Shine are two stunning blondes that feature in todays update on VIPissy and they are in the sauna getting up to no good! We catch them kissing each other as if things weren't hot enough already in there! As they climb out of the sauna, these gorgeous girls take off their towels and while they are naked, Lola starts to touch Cayla's pussy. Cayla lifts up her leg and Lola goes down on her, treating her to some serious pussy licking then as Lola sits on the floor, Cayla releases a stream of her golden peefrom her pissing pussy, all over her and soaks Lola through! After some more pussy licking and Lola tasting Cayla's pissy pussy, these pissing lesbians switch places and Lola pees into Cayla's hands. They move over to the massage table and Lola lays down on it while Cayla shoots another stream over her fit body! It's now Cayla's turn to offer some pussy licking and during Lola's oral pleasure, she pees over Cayla, getting her soaking wet too! These horny blonde babes share a beaded glass dildo which they take turns in using on each other then finally, they both aim their pee streams simultaneously into the wooden bowl used for the sauna. They pour their combined pee over each other using a wooden spoon and look like they have seriously enjoyed their latest pissing porn experience!
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